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Jumping Cracker Beans

All Jumping Cracker Beans award-winning greeting cards offer surprises for the senses with real items attached to their cards ... scents of hot chocolate, chicken bouillon & spices ... the taste of teas to brew ... music you can play with Fender guitar picks ... visual and tactile pleasures of zippers, poker chips, toothpicks, buttons, even underwear elastic. And then there is that other sense that Jumping Cracker Beans tries to please ... humor.

Jumping Cracker Beans greeting cards are printed on textured, core-died greeting card stock and then beautifully assembled by hand in the U.S. by Goodwill. Jumping Cracker Beans also donates a portion of profits from their handmade, award-winning greeting cards  to non-profit organizations that work to benefit communities and the  environment.

Each handmade greeting card comes in a protective cello sleeve with an elegant iridescent envelope.
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